When it comes to photoshoots, I try to make it as easy as possible for my clients. These photos were taken in Glendale, AZ. It was only about a five minute drive for this family to get to our location and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Photographed below (from left to right) is Kobe, Katie, Madden and Mike.

Katie is one of my best friends’ older sister and a huge role model for me. It doesn’t happen often that you get to take a couple days to drive from California to Arizona (mid-week) just to spend some time with old friends and capture their sweet little family.

Family photos in Arizona

Katie is quite the athlete and this location was a cool trail she had found on one of her runs. Her husband isn’t the biggest fan of photos, so she made it as quick and as easy as it could be. At the trailhead, there was a paved parking lot and a nice little path near the hillside and cacti. As a photographer, this is money because it’s effortless for the clients and you. I wasn’t dealing with people walking in the background and believe it or not, we got these photos in less than 30 minutes.

Photo shoot in the desert
Family shoots in the desert

If you live in Arizona, or have ever visited, you know that there are cacti everywhere. We found one really cool/good looking cactus and made it our focal point.

When picking your location in AZ:

  • Find one cactus or general area at the location that speaks to you and make it your background
  • Try and take the photos in the fall/winter to beat the heat (obviously)
  • Be careful of your surroundings & where you step in the desert, especially with kids

Find an easy location and make it as painless and fun as possible. Even when you have two little ones, you can still get nice family photos, I promise!

Black and white family photo tips
Photo tips for family photographs

I loved the change of my normal scenery to this + the desert vibes on this photoshoot. Also, peep the color scheme. I’m OBSESSED.

Until next time.


Rylee Baisden Photography and Videography